Cool Solar Africa

Get assisted financing on large scale, scalable solar systems

Design & Installation

We are experts in the design and installation of solar systems to power your home or business at any scale, available on credit.

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Solar Geyser & Pumps

Enjoy hot water with our efficient solar geyser systems. Save energy and money today. Pump water with the power of the sun

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Commercial Solar

Power up your business with clean, reliable energy. Our cutting-edge solar technology delivers significant cost savings, increased energy security, and enhanced brand reputation ensuring a high return on investment for your business.

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Solar Equipment

We supply a wide range of high quality components for solar systems which include solar panels, inverters, and lithium Ion batteries for all system sizes.

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Our Products and Services

Cool Solar Africa helps homeowners, businesses, and farmers across Zimbabwe reduce their carbon footprint and save on energy bills with custom-designed solar solutions. We use top-quality equipment and experienced technicians to ensure your system is reliable, efficient, and affordable. Our services include the following:


Geysers &

Rifeng Plumbing Equipment Supply

Retail Solar Equipment Supply

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Solar Inverters

Introducing our cutting-edge inverters with built-in MPPT controllers designed for seamless integration into both on-grid and off-grid solar systems. Whether you are looking to reduce your reliance on grid power or embrace off-grid living, our inverters provide the perfect solution!                                                                                   
BST Battery 48V

Solar Batteries

Batteries are the backbone of any residential or commercial solar power setup. At Cool Solar, we offer a diverse selection of high quality batteries sourced from top manufacturers in the industry. From reliable performance to long-lasting durability, our range of batteries ensures that your solar system operates seamlessly.                       
solar 300x 300

Solar Panels

Energize your space with our resilient solar panels that are engineered to generate power in all weather conditions. Rain or sunshine, our panels deliver reliable energy output for your needs, ensuring continuous performance all year round.                                                                                                                                                                                                    
solar pump 300x 300

Solar Pumps

Unlock water independence with our solar pumps that are engineered for durability and efficiency. Built to thrive in any environment, these pumps harness solar energy to deliver consistent water supply. Get in touch with us for the list of available solar pump sizes!                                                                                                              
200 littre geyser

Solar Geysers

Upgrade your home with our range of solar geysers that are an eco-friendly solution for reliable hot water. With options ranging from 100, 150 and 200 litres, there is a perfect fit for every household size.                                                      

Solar Racking

Choose from durable aluminium or galvanized steel options, both built to last and meet industry standards. Our solar railing kit secures your panels on the roof while exuding a sleek, modern look.                                                                       
Rifeng_Pipes_and_Fittings-removebg-preview (1)

Pex-Pipe and Fittings

Bend it, twist it, install it with ease! Rifeng Pex-pipes deliver unmatched flexibility and toughness, making even the most challenging plumbing projects a breeze. Plus, they can handle extreme temperatures from scorching hot to frigid cold water.

Large-scale, commercial solar system

Are you looking to setup a large-scale, scalable, commercial solar system?

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Cool Solar Africa

We have a large warehouse based in Harare Zimbabwe and hold on-hand a comprehensive range of components required to supply solar companies with equipment they need.

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