Cool Solar Africa is an energy company driven to transform the energy industry by providing cost-effective and environmentally friendly power generation solutions. The company takes its strength from well-researched market knowledge that enables excellent customer focus. Cool Solar pays special attention to the source market, on the one hand, to get the best quality at the right price and, on the other, to attract talented and experienced engineers that make quality installations.


To enhance the use of Solar Energy in Zimbabwe


To give the Citizens of Zimbabwe and Sub-Saharan Africa access to renewable energy at a reasonable cost.

Core Values

• Treat everyone with courtesy and respect
• Focused on the long-term good of Africa
• Customer Education
• Absolute Integrity
• Patriotism
• Quality

Code of Ethics

Download a copy of the Cool Solar Africa Code of Ethics and Business Conduct Policy document here.

Our Team

Patrick Devenish

Patrick has vast experience in business in Africa, having run two Zimbabwe Stock Exchange-listed entities from 2002 to 2014. His chosen fields of expertise are Strategy and Corporate Governance. He has an Executive MBA from the University of Cape Town.

Bryan Clark

A businessman with many years of experience. His first career was in tobacco, where he ran Standard Commercial Tobacco in Zimbabwe for over 20 years. He then moved on to the property development business and created several successful projects in Harare, Cape Town and the Eastern Cape. Bryan's knowledge of project management and sales and his attention to detail make him an ideal Operations Manager.

Guy Devenish

Guy has vast experience in business in the Far East. He began his career as a Stock Broker in Hong Kong and later started a business trading goods between China and the rest of the world. He is the Procurement Director and spends two weeks a month in China.

Innocent Makacha

Innocent graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing degree and has been selected for the team because of his brain, drive, enthusiasm and energy. We see him as a future business leader in Zimbabwe and believe that the experience he gains at Cool Solar will stand him in good stead if he decides that his future lies elsewhere than with Cool Solar.

Department Team


Chloe-Anne Tichareva

Technical and Projects Designer

Maxwell Tichivanhu

Untitled design

Prince Kamutikanjore

System Engineer

Cool Solar Africa

We have a large warehouse based in Harare Zimbabwe and hold on-hand a comprehensive range of components required to supply solar companies with equipment they need.

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